Thermal Insulation

Protecting Your Buildings from Heat in an Eco-Friendly Way

Owing to hot weather in Dubai especially in summers and extremely cold during winters, there is an unavoidable requirement of installing thermal insulation in the buildings for the purpose of maintaining the weather conditions for the human comfort and that’s what FSIME provides.


By acting as a shield to protect the internal weather conditions of the premises, the thermal insulation materials used in the walls, roof and glasses lessen down the heat flow through the building envelope from outside to inside at the times of summer, and from inside to outside at the time of winters. With this, the air-conditioning load during summers or heating load during winters is reduced which ultimately helps in reducing the electricity consumption in the building.


So if you are concerned about maintaining a proper air-conditioning environment in your building, there is a requirement of availing the best thermal insulation services.

Thermal Insulation
thermal insulation services

Thermal insulation companies will provide you with the benefits which mainly include reduction of capital cost of air-conditioners due to the reduction in AC load. Apart from this, space requirement and cost of sub-section construction shall also be reduced making your business more cost efficient.


FSIME is an FM 4991 certified contractor in Dubai which is aimed to deliver high-quality thermal insulation services in the middle east to help you manage your premise’s weather condition in a cost-effective manner.


Our focus is on eliminating the energy waste by using such resources and sustainable practices which conserve the planet’s ecology.

Not only this, we are focused on bringing innovation, dedication, professionalism and on-time solutions for our clients to let them live in a safer world. Our cost-effective thermal insulation services while structuring your building will ensure heat protection and will let you be more protective.

Why Choose Us?

Everyone aims to offer the best services, but FSIME is aimed at making client satisfied before as well as after the sale. Our thermal insulation services have been recognised by the various organisation due to the following reasons -

  • Budget-Friendly Solutions
  • High-Quality Material Supply
  • Quick Delivery
  • Maintenance & Supervision
  • Expertise
  • Customised & User-Friendly Services
  • Client’s First

FSIME does not just only say but aims to make it true. Whatever we commit, we adhere to the same and that can be evaluated through our thermal insulation dubai projects. If you need the best thermal insulation services, we are the pre-eminent suppliers. Hire us now!

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