Making Your Premises Resistant to Fire with World-Class Material

No matter how strong and competent your personnel is, if it isn’t safe working on your premises you may end up making heavy losses in terms of reputation which directly affect the business presence. And that is the reason for us to bring in for you world-class fireproofing services that will resist fire to reach your premises and secure your business assets.

Through fireproofing services, we at FSIME, aim to deliver sprayed fireproofing in order to prevent the failure of steel and other concrete structures which are exposed to fire. We use the prominent material which is specifically aimed at insulating the array of structures when a sudden event of fire occurs. This, in turn, provides passive fire protection that makes your premises safer.

Being one of the best fireproofing contractors in the Middle East, our primary responsibility is to provide services which directly provide the desired results. Our works prove our efficiency which can be well-analysed by evaluating our projects which include Abu Dhabi International Airport and Dubai Mall. We are working in collaboration with the manufacturers of both cementitious and intumescent sprays which are applied to the steel structures for resisting fire explosions. We understand the need for fireproofing services that they are required to be availed before applying firestopping solutions as it prevents the fire barriers from getting damaged due to which a building may also collapse.

FireProof Services Dubai

What Makes Fireproofing Services the Must-Have?

The fireproofing services include the coating of steel girders inside structures. Steel is a non-combustible metal which does not melt with normal fire, but the heat produced by fire weakens the very nature of steel. This leads to bending of the girder which ultimately causes falling of the whole building structure. With the help of fireproofing, the steel is insulated with a high-quality material that helps in slowing down the rate at which steel is heated up during the fire allowing everyone to expel the premises easily. This is helpful in lessening down the damage and injuries caused to the building and the assets.

Why Choose FSIME?

  • Best-In-Class Material
  • Customised Solutions
  • Cost Efficiency
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Maintenance & Supervision
  • Sound Expertise & Experience

So if you are planning to structure a building for expanding your business, then you must think of providing safety at first. And, the fireproofing services delivered by FSIME will help you the best for sure. Hire us to avail the top-rated fireproofing services in Dubai right away.

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