Acoustic Sealant

Reducing Sound Transmissions to Avoid Disturbances

Having a soundproof building is a requirement so as to ensure ambient noise does not cause disturbances and to ensure a peaceful enviroment is maintained. For the soundproofing efforts to be effective, we at FSIME, use the state of the art acoustic sealants which seal the seams so that the sound does not find its way through the cracks or voids in a building.


The sealants are so effective and long-lasting that once applied during the construction of the building, it guarantees soundproofing for the entire life. The acoustic sealant is easily applied by our experienced team in the right quantity as well as at the right place in order to make the soundproofing system foolproof. FSIME is focused on delivering quality based services which actually desired by the clients and thus, our experts visit the site well-in-advance and make a proper plan for installing the acoustic sealants to suit the individual project needs, from hospitals to airports we can provide a solution.


Budget which may be the biggest concern for you. We understand the same absolutely and ensue that we provide the best solution to suit you needs So you don’t need to worry about the cost element.

Acoustic sealant is a unique and efficient technique which is used to avoid the sound transmissions in the building. It is very flexible in nature because of which it is highly effective in blocking the sound transfers. Primary use of the sealant around the electrical boxes more specifically because at those points are the weakest point of installation which can lead to high degree of noise transmission. Apart from that, we apply the sealant around the plumbing penetrations, and various other penetrations on the wall or the ceiling surface.


FSIME has a long-term experience in providing the best acoustic sealant services in Dubai with various satisfied clients.

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