Delivering Well-Approved Firestop Services to Protect Life & Property

FSIME the leading contractor for firestopping services in the Middle East having worked on projects in Billions of dollars in value. We have succesffuly completed in excess of 500+ Scope of firestopping in the past 10 years. FSIME is the foremost place to avail the firestop services in Dubai as it is focused on delivering pre-eminent firestopping and fire protection systems in the UAE, and is among the top-rated firestop contractors in the Middle East.

The firestop is a term used for a system which is used specifically to prevent the fire from spreading across the building in order to safeguard property and assets from heavy losses. There are several components which are used to seal the openings and joints of the walls and floors assemblies to obstruct the spread of fire. We, at FSIME, use firestopping components like intumescents, silicone, cementitious mortars, mineral fibres, firestop pillows, and rubber compounds which ensure the best fire protection.


Our firestop services are being recognised by various authorities and we hold the FM 4991 certification along with local civil defence and ISO authorisations. From the quality of material to services, we aim to deliver significant fire protection to you.

What Makes Us Perfect for Your Needs?

At FSIME, we believe in maintaining the firestopping solutions in the best possible manner and that is the reason for our being in the list of top firestop contractors in the UAE. Our after-sale services and maintenance of the firestop system increase the efficiency of our services.


With fire stop, it is ensured that the spreading of fire is being delayed from minutes to hours so that the loss that ought to occur due to such an incident can be minimised and one can get more time to arrange proper measures for controlling the fire spread.

Our focusing features include -

  • Best-In-Class Material
  • Customised Solutions
  • Retrofitting Firestop Solutions
  • Cost Efficiency
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Maintenance & Supervision
  • Sound Expertise & Experience

It’s our responsibility to make your business assets safe & secure, and we are ready to undertake the same; are you?


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