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Being a leading FM 4991 fsime approved firestop contractor in the Middle East, FSIME aims to protect the lives of people. We are specialists in fire safety our services include: firestopping, fireproofing, thermal insulation, flooring solutions and expansion joints. We carry several certifications including Local Civil Defense Certification, FM 4991, and ISO. The senior management team at FSIME holds a combined fire-protection experience of oover 100 years on varied fire safety projects in the middle east. Our strength is in our team of 200+ employees holding expertise of providing varied fire protection services on different projects.

From airports to retrofitting hotels, we have delivered world-class firestopping solutions in the middle east. We consider both economic and technical elements which delivering the fire protections solutions so that our customers do not compromise on quality; after all it is all about saving lives, and we are the protectors!

Fsime offers a variety
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FSIME works with leading manufacturers for Firestopping, this is our key strength our estimation team can evaluate which product is right for your project based on specification and site conditions. We take the guess work out of the budgeting and estimating, in turn saving you time and money.

Your safety is the reason for our existence!!!

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FSIME, is an FM 4991 certified installer, has installed over 1,000,000 penetrations and over 1,000,000 linear meter of firestop joints from projects ranging from Airports to Sub Stations; we have seen it all and our vast experience and work force allows us to deliver to our client satisfaction.

<h4>Customized Solutions</h4>

Customized Solutions

We study your project needs and Specifications. With evolution of construction technology every building evolves and we provide unto date solutions.

<h4>Work Force</h4>

Work Force

Our trained engineers and DRI (Designated Responsible Individuals) are trained by manufacturers, certified by both FM (Factory Mutual) and local civil defense.



With our knowledgable engineers and trained technicians we have the ability to ramp up and deliver based on different programs depending on which stage of the program a job is at.

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Study Specifications and Life Safety Drawings

Our estimation team will study the specification and life safety drawings. We will complete a detailed study

Field Visit and Consultations with Site Personnel

Our engineers will visit the site and complete a walk through where they will complete a detailed checklist of site conditions

DRI Select systems

Based on site visit and specifications our DRI will select the appropriate systems

Our Projects

What we offer can be well analysed by considering the projects we have successfully accomplished. Take a thorough view right here!


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