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Lamatherm / Siderise Fire & Cavity Barrier Services in Dubai- UAE

FSIME is the leading contractor for Lamathern services in the UAE. Lamatherm is manufactured by Siderise, which provides thermal solutions, acoustic sealants, and fire barrier. Lamathern cavity barriers are designed within the building spaces to keep the fire away, and the dangerous gases from spreading around the building. These are typically installed within the ceilings and roofs of the buildings.

Our cavity barrier services are recognised by the various authorities in Dubai. We hold the ISO certification too. From the quality of materials to services, we aim to deliver everything of world-class supreme quality.

What Makes Us Perfect for Your Needs?

Lamatherm has been verified and got approval from the Warrington Fire Research Centre (WFRC), and the barriers are available to suit 30, 60, 90 and 120-minute applications.


The cavity barriers are installed in the most void form between the facade of the rainscreen and inner structures of the wall between the rainscreen facade and the inner structural wall.

Lamatherm cavity barriers are sealed within the roofs and ceilings of the building. The cavities are concealed within the structure of the building using the appropriate SIDERISE support brackets preventing smoke and flames from penetrating the concealed spaces of the buildings.

With fire stop cavity barrier services, we ensure that fire is away from your building. The siderise cavity barrier services guarantee that the fire is delayed from spreading for a considerable time, and provide quick and cost-effective solutions for the buildings and retain safety.

Our focusing features -

FSIME is known to provide excellent quality market leading products to its clients. The time is precious to us and our clients hence, our services are quick.

The siderise cavity barriers are quick and easy to install. They are very cost effective tools to provide customized solutions to every client’s needs and requirements. The lamatherm services are carried out by highly experienced and skilled team of experts who have successfully delivered many successful leading projects.

  • Simple and easy to install
  • Timely delivery
  • ISO certified and approved
  • Market leading performance products
  • On-Time Delivery

FSIME has successfully completed more than projects.


FSIME provides supreme quality siderise open cavity barriers. The fire cavity barriers are installed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within the premises and reduce the risk of fire. So when are you getting your lamatherm installed?

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