Why Are Firestopping Services Needed in Dubai?

Fsime Constructions | Date : February 13, 2018
Why Are Firestopping Services Needed in Dubai?

The very practical answer to this question is because Dubai has a large number of high-rise buildings already, and various are under construction. You must be aware of the fact that the fire-related fatalities are caused because of the extensive exposure to smoke. This is very common in the high-rise buildings and Dubai being one of the biggest hubs for high-rise buildings with Burj Khalifa, known to be the tallest one across the globe, the firestop services are truly mandatory to be provided by the contractors there.

Although there are various hi-tech fire protection solutions which have been considered and added to the safety codes of buildings, the firestop solutions are something which hold the primary position. Here are reasons why firestop is required in high-rise building most specifically.

1. Spread of Smoke Vertically - It has been observed that huge quantities of smoke are generated in the high-rise buildings which spread vertically very fast, even if the fire explosion is in a single room of that building. For the purpose of providing the utility services across the building, there are complex series of pipes and ducts, etc., which run vertically. There are numerous gaps and spaces remain therein which cause the smoke to travel vertically faster in the building. The firestop services ensure installation of certain horizontal fire barriers between floors which in turn delays the spread of vertical smoke and reduces the chances of smoke-related deaths.

2. Evacuation Time Is Lengthy - Due to crowding in the stairways and corridors, better called the emersion routes in the high-rise buildings, there are caused slow movements. This is common in the buildings where there is a large number of occupants and the exit routes are either far or limited. In such cases, as the time for movement of the people out of the building increases, there arise the chances of greater spread of smoke in the building. This is the reason, it is a must to prevent the egress routes with the fire protecting codes, and if there are penetrations in such barriers, they must be fire stopped on an immediate basis.

3.Difficulty in Access by Fire Department - The team of firefighters provides the rescue from the exterior of the building, which is limited to the sixth or seventh floors of the high-rise structures. In situations when the fire becomes inaccessible through the ladders, the firefighters should make an inside move into the building for internal attacks to control fire spread, allowing the people use the same staircases to move outside. However, such actions cannot ensure the safety of lives in certain cases because this entire process consumes more time resulting in delays in attacking the fire and controlling the crowd.

Accordingly, the high-rise buildings in Dubai require significant firestopping measures to get implemented for life safety. FSIME LLC. is dealing with the firestopping services in Dubai for a long time. And, we are well aware of all the causes of fire spread. Hence, our fire protection services and the firestop solutions ensure the protection of life and assets in the buildings. You must avail our services to ensure protection from fire.

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