Top 5 Benefits of Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints in Buildings

Fsime Constructions | Date : February 13, 2018
Top 5 Benefits of Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints in Buildings

Every fireproof contractor in Dubai undertakes the responsibility to provide all-round protection to the buildings which help in making the place safer to live or work. The expansion joint is among the shields provided to the buildings by the contractors which aims to control the weather-related issues inside the building by preventing the uneven contraction and expansion of the construction material in a better way. It is aimed at absorbing the vibration and holding of the parts together or to allow the movement at times of ground movements or earthquakes.

In today’s time, there are several probabilities of occurring of the natural calamities and hence, it is required to take the safety measures in time in order to prevent the lives of the people. Here in this write-up, an attempt has been made to help you understand the benefits you can attain by installing the flexible rubber expansion joints in your building at the time of construction. The flexible rubber expansion joints are the connectors which are made of natural elastomers, fluoroplastics, and fabrics which altogether aim to absorb the movement in the piping systems which is caused due to various reasons. Some of the major advantages of installing the same are as under -

1. It Absorbs Uneven Vibration, Shock and Noise
The sound that travels through the expansion joints is controlled and stopped by these covers ensuring peacefulness in the building.

2. It Is Easily Installed & Removed
Another benefit of this flexible rubber expansion joints cover is that the elastic spherical body of these joints makes them easy to install and remove whenever required. Further, there is no such need of gaskets for installation as they are supplied with flanges of vulcanised rubber and fibre which is integrated with the tube itself.

3. It Reduces the Heat Loss
This helps in making the expansion joints remain maintenance-free for a longer time and you don’t need to get it repaired or serviced regularly.

4. It Reduces the Cost of Installation
Due to the light weight of the rubber expansion joints, the cost of labour in the installation is reduced to a great extent, making this a cost-effective option.

5. Extreme Resistance to Abrasion & Corrosion
The industry has a great variety of natural, synthetic and special-purpose elastomers and fabrics, etc., which are treated well and combined together in order to make practical experiments with a different temperature operating conditions before installing them in buildings. Hence, it is ensured that the expansion joints cover provide complete resistance to corrosion.


The above-mentioned points speak about the efficiency of the expansion joints in providing the protection to any building in terms of reducing the distraction that may occur due to the piping systems or else. At FSIME, we ensure to use the high-quality material while installing the expansion joints.

We take care of such installation from the very beginning and prepare the layout of the building structure considering the same elements. Our specific department working towards the installation of the expansion joints in buildings make sure to fix all the problems that may occur in its absence and also ensure that the building provides a safer place to live or work. So you must get associated with us to fulfil your desire of giving all-round protection to your building from calamities which may be natural or man-made.

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