Know the Current Firestop Technology Advancements for Better Results

Fsime Constructions | Date : February 13, 2018
Know the Current Firestop Technology Advancements for Better Results

Firestopping has become one of the major concerns for the contractors nowadays because of the requirement of owning fire-proof buildings and structures. Firestop is a fire protection system which is made up of various components which are used to seal the opening and closing of joints in order to prevent the spread of fire from one area of a building to another. Firestop solutions are specifically designed to restore the fire resistance of walls while controlling the spread of fire or smoke by filling the openings in the walls or floor assemblies with the fire-resistant material. It is up to the contractor to decide whether the penetrations shall be permanent or not so by understanding the need of changing the same at the time of renovations of the buildings or the structures. There are several firestopping services provided by the contractors in order to ensure the fire protection in the building. Up till now, the fire protection procedure seemed quite complicated for the contractors, but now with the upgradations in the firestop technology, it has become easier to comprehend and practice the same. Let’s understand how!

Innovations in the industry

In order to make the best use of the firestopping solutions, there has become some of the best innovations which include the following -

  • System of Curtain Wall - This solution provides the primary benefit of maintaining continuity in the fire resistance by following the process of sealing the gap between the floors and walls as well as external curtain wall not only vertically but also horizontally for providing complete fire protection.
  • Wall Pathway Kit - This is mainly comprised of an outer sleeve which is typically made up of steel having the intumescent gaskets on both the ends. The sleeve is sealed with the firestop putty making it more beneficial for the cable bundles. In case of single cable penetration, the plenum-rated firestop grommets are used along with intumescent filler which expands when comes in contact with the fire.
  • Pipe Collar - This is another latest technology in terms of fire stopping solutions. As the name suggests, these are used as the collar for the plastic pipes to cover the joints with the fire-resistant material in order to prevent them from the fire. The penetrations in the walls and floors where the plastic pipes are fitted or pass through, this pipe collar provides protection to those penetrations. It is made up of the galvanised steel shell with tabs used for installation through the anchor bolts.

Time Consumption for Installation is Reduced

In the earlier times, the firestopping products were more dependant on the labour force. But now, with the advancements and automated firestopping products, the time consumption in applying the solutions to the required places has reduced making them more efficient and cost-effective. With the innovations done by the manufacturers of these firestop products, it has become easier for the installers to apply the same.

Every industry requires innovation and modification in order to be more effective. At FSIME, we are also focused on making the best use of the innovative fire protection solutions to help our clients get their work done with more efficiency and in a cost-effective manner. So if you have the requirement of availing the best firestopping services in Dubai, then we are ready to help you. Get associated with us now!

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