Top 4 Fireproofing Measures to Protect Buildings & Structures

Fsime Constructions | Date : February 12, 2018
Top 4 Fireproofing Measures to Protect Buildings & Structures

The firestopping contractors are well aware of the requirement of fireproofing solutions while constructing buildings and other structures. In Dubai specifically, where steel is mainly used in the building structures and designing, the fireproof solutions are required significantly. One of the most common ways to provide fireproofing protection is by spraying the cementitious compounds or the low-density fibre on the affected area to stop the fire. Apart from this, there are several other forms of fire protection solutions that can help you serve the purpose in a more convenient manner. Let’s check them out right here!

Intumescent Paint or Coating

This is one of the best fire resistant materials to be used on the structural steel members to avoid the spreading of fire. The major element of this coating is that it can expand by 100 times to the original material in order to provide significant fire resistivity and protection by creating a buffer between the fire and steel members. It is applied in the similar way as paint is applied on the steel, and every layer adds up to the original thickness making it more efficient to serve the purpose.

Rigid Board Fireproofing

It is one of the most convenient and fast-to-install fire protection materials that can serve the purpose of reducing the rate of spreading fire in the building. It can be installed along with the steel deck and beams installations in the structures. It is also useful in providing thermal and acoustic control to the structural steel member due to which it is known to be a multi-purpose solution. It is helpful in preventing pests and terminate attacks while providing rid of humidity and moisture without compromising on its main character of fire protection.

Flexible Blanket

In order to maintain a toxic-free environment in case of fire events in the building, the flexible blanket solutions are specifically used. It is applied in the form of a blanket in the building which is aimed at protecting the structure from fire. Applying this to the structure can provide you with the benefit of meeting all the safety standards in the most cost-effective and reliable manner, which ultimately leads to preventing the spread of fire across the building structure.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

It is a lightweight foam concrete building material which serves several purposes including structuring, insulation, fire and mold resistance. They are found in the form of blocks which provide the fire resistivity specifically around the steel columns in the structure. They provide the best solutions when installed between the flanges.

While contracting, it is a prime responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the contractor provides the best-in-class fire protection solutions as well along with the construction of the building. Being the top-rated firestopping contractors in Dubai, we can also assist you in getting the right fireproofing measures for your premises in a cost-effective manner. Our team is aimed at providing the customer-centric services in order to give life to the people and the assets in the building. You must avail our services to feel the difference.

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